Audit logs create a compliance-relevant set of records documenting services, case logs, appointments, and other audit sensitive data for admin access only. They provide an historical record of all system activity.

Proving Compliance

Audit logs are critical for proving compliance with regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS. Audit logs serve as official business records that can be used to prove procedures and data integrity are in compliance with the law.

MyeliNetSM software delivers effective audit log management that supports compliance, accountability, and security.

Tracking Issues and Protocols

Digital audit logs are not only important for proving compliance, they are event logs that can help bring issues to light. When protocols are not followed, fraudulent activity is attempted, or other problems occur, audit logs provide the evidence and insight necessary to improve the system.

With Myelinet software, audit logging both provides the data trail you need to verify daily activity, but also to protect your business from liability in any legal action.

Managing Risk

Audit logs play an important part in risk management, allowing insights into operational strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as providing an actionable data trail. This allows you to show interested agencies, investors, or compliance officials how you applications and procedures meet their needs.

MyeliNet audit logs are secure and available only with special administrative access.

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