Extensive Reporting


Extensive Reporting of Early Intervention ServicesUtilize MyeliNet’s extensive reporting functionality for robust and clear report development.

We make it easy to access management, revenue, and financial reports with only a few clicks. Our analytics component gives Early Intervention professionals access to data that is crucial to making important decisions for their practice. MyeliNet’s software quantifies important data and provides users with easy access to information on referral sources, client case reports, client demographics, and revenue reports.

Measuring Data

At MyeliNet, we know that data analytics can be a time-consuming and tedious process. That’s why we make it easy.

Making sense of numbers helps your practice make important decisions that determine the future decisions of your Early Intervention Program. MyeliNet simplifies data analytics with a simple user interface that allows access the information EI professionals need.


The client demographics reports generated by MyeliNet allow you to see important client information in graphical format, such as age, location, race, gender. This information allows your practice to make important marketing decisions regarding segmenting, targeting, and positioning, and points out ways that you can grow your program’s client base.

Report Collection

With MyeliNet’s extensive reporting, you and your employees will have access to your practice’s revenue reports. Track your practice’s financial growth, along with scheduling and billing data, in one simple package. Keep an electronic library of notes that eliminate the clutter of paper files. Create custom templates for notes and reports to standardize and organize information across your practice.

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