Easy First,
Compliant Foremost.

Early Intervention Management Software.
e-Signature ready for tele-intervention.

Developed by EI Providers for EI Providers. MyeliNet is at the heart of Early Intervention.

Intuitively, easily manage the information that makes a difference to you, your business, and the families you serve. Case data, schedules, clients, providers, referrals, and staffing. Includes a parent/guardian portal, tele-intervention, billing and response files, HR and payroll, plus much more.

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Paperless Efficiency.
Eliminate Data Entry Backlogs

Our cloud-based, permissions-secure service helps you create documents, file session notes, log secure records, and manage information anywhere Internet access is available.

MyeliNet helps you manage resources more accurately, preventing conflicts and over-scheduling. Built with a deep understanding of Early Intervention workflow, our solution is comprehensive and designed to address all the facets of EI service management, including billing, collections, payroll, reports, etc.

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Anticipating Your Needs

Competitive Advantage, Priceless Assistance

Primary Benefits

  • Mobile Data Access
  • Uncomplicated e-signature all parents can use
  • Electronic, Paperless Workflow
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
  • Streamlines Record Creation & Retrieval
  • A Secure, Compliant System
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-Use
  • Decreases Operational Costs
  • Speeds Up Reimbursement

Spend time where it’s most needed, serving families and children.

Online access, mobile friendly, smartphone compatible.
Leave burdensome paper and overly complicated software behind.

Make it easy for parents to e-sign, review progress, see session notes.
Use data insights and trends to make plans and monitor ROI.

Designed and tested in a working Early Intervention environment.
Solve problems quickly by seeing the results of decisions in real-time.

Cloud-based access means centralized, real-time data is always available.

Competitive Advantage, Priceless Assistance

Our Roots in Early Intervention

Our MyeliNetSM software has been designed and tested in a working Early Intervention environment and honed on real-time feedback from therapists, administrators, and program managers.

MyeliNetSM was built from the ground up to provide an EI services solution. Unlike other programs which may be adapted to serve different industries, our cloud-based software is Early Intervention through and through.

Your demo is only a click away. Contact our team today! You’ll see why MyeliNetSM provides a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use answer to your EI software needs.
  • Lower Service Costs
  • Improve Service Delivery
  • Accurate Audit Logs
  • Paperless Operation & Billing
  • Create Unique Reports
  • Forecasting with Detailed Reports
  • Consistent, Auditable Data
  • Online Anywhere Access
  • Electronic Billing Solution
  • Real-Time Compliance Verification and Intervention
  • Data Insights for Program Management
  • Improved Scheduling and Service Delivery
  • Ease-of-Use and Time Savings Provide a Positive Benefit
  • Improved Security and Compliance
  • Decrease Costs While Improving Services
  • Parent Portal for Improved Communication
  • Tele-intervention Services for Online Therapy
  • More Reliable Scheduling and Better Outcomes
  • Improved Personal Data Security
  • 24/7 Access to Child's Therapy Records
  • Therapist
    I love being able to access all of my client’s information in one place.  My note writing time has decreased which allows me to spend more focused time with my families.
  • Parent
    I like the system because it’s hard to keep track of paperwork, especially when my kiddo has a lot of appointments at doctors.  Paperwork either gets lost of filed away and never looked at again, but the system is easily accessible.”
  • Therapist
    I no longer run out of space when trying to document the session, and I am able to spend more time with the kiddo and family actually doing a session rather than writing so much
  • Therapist
    My errors drastically decreased and I can spend more time with the kids and the family” – therapist
  • Therapist
    I feel so much more organized.  I don’t need to bring any paperwork into the home

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