Why MyeliNet?

At MyeliNet, we’ve developed a software solution for Early Intervention Therapy management that is “playfully easy, professionally strong.”

In addition to providing a HIPAA secure, case and document management solution, MyeliNet delivers key features that make a difference:

  • A user-friendly parent/guardian portal with e-signature capability for case notes. Guardians sign from their own phone or Internet enabled device.
  • Fulll ZOOM integration for Tele-Intervention services.
  • Automated Human Resources Workflow.
  • Convenient electronic paperwork created from online web forms with validation. (This isn’t just completing a PDF)
  • Consistency in documentation, with all session notes meeting local standards of reporting.
  • Billing made easy with an intuitive, user-friendly billing interface.
  • Capability to share resources with parent through parent porta.

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With the ability to integrate ZOOM, Myelinet is on the cutting edge of Tele-Intervention.

With zoom integration, Tele-intervention is convenient and secure within the platform for both families and therapists. The addition of e-signature capabilities allows for MA compliance and is easier to use than stand alone business type signature programs.

Online Electronic Signatures

Cloud-based services, online portals, and electronic signatures all became big news in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Myelinet, we combined all these needs into one service for Early Intervention providers using a tele-intervention model.

When parents, therapists, and administrators can access information online, social distancing is maintained for everyone’s safety. Electronic signatures are often a hurdle for parents, so we’ve developed a system with ease of use for everyone in mind, especially the families in need of early intervention.

A Comprehensive, Cloud-Based Solution

Because MyeliNet is cloud-based, our software solutions are continually adapting and moving forward. Based in the experience, feedback, and day-to-day use of Early Intervention Providers, our software solution is geared to meet the ever-changing needs of EI providers by listening to your needs and responding with regularly scheduled improvements.

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