Service Coordination Early Intervention ServicesManagement and service coordination for Early Intervention programs has never been easier thanks to MyeliNetSM. Our software allows EI professionals to automatically calculate billing, payroll, and remittance functions, while also keeping electronic records, documentation and signatures related to service coordination activities at their fingertips.

Automation for the EI Professional

At MyeliNet, we understand the critical importance of keeping organized documentation for service coordination purposes. Our software allows your agency to coordinate all of its services seamlessly, speeding up workflow and increasing productivity.

Fast and Easy Scheduling

MyeliNet allows for the creation of shared schedules that are accessible by both therapists and office personnel, giving your employees a productivity tool that is both powerful and convenient.

The use of shared schedules allows every person involved in a client’s appointment to have the most complete overview of a patient’s schedule and treatment process. Repeated sessions can easily be duplicated for even faster scheduling. Overall, the user-friendly shared schedule calendar allows for better communication between employees within your service program.

Improved Communication

MyeliNet allows professionals within your practice to quickly send messages to others within the network, along with group messages that inform every therapist serving a particular family. All messages are HIPAA compliant, ensuring patient security and privacy.

Messages can be flagged according to importance, allowing team members to see critical information right away.

With MyeliNet, your EI service goes beyond e-mail and text messaging for better, more effective communication among therapists, managers, and the families they serve.  Try MyeliNet today by calling us at +61 (0) 3 8376 6284 and see how our software improves your practice.

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